The 2007 NFL season is gearing up and preseason is pretty much over. Players were cut, positions finalized and the play books pretty much memorized. Still plenty of things about the Green Bay Packers, and NFL seasoned soccer in widespread, are baffling. Here are a few.

1) Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect. National Football League groups almost seem to practice yr-round in recent times. In the early spring, they have got Teeny Camp, then Tiny Camp in May, then Mini-Camp in which they re-research what they found out in Tiny Camp, then comes the all essential Maxi-Camp where they “install” the offense, then of direction grueling Mega-Camp where they find out the offense they mounted does not work, so they install a brand new one–and then they head off to Training Camp in July and begin all once more.

Given all that intensive practice and making plans why accomplish that many teams appearance disorganized, even clueless, while the primary preseason game is performed? At the Green Bay Packers’ first preseason recreation in San Diego final 12 months the offense regarded as though that they had just visible a soccer for the first actual time that night, and were no longer certain what to do with the oddly shaped thing. One may want to nearly photo Aaron Rodgers inside the huddle pronouncing, “Okay, men, the goal is to move in the direction of that goal post down there.” And then the offensive lineman remarking, with a bit awe in his voice, “But it appears up to now away…We’re going to in no way get there.”

Then there has been this yr’s first preseason recreation, towards Pittsburgh. The Packers first group offense netted a whopping 17 yards in its first 12 performs, and ZERO first downs. Note that if you’re 6 ft tall and fall forward 12 instances you gain 24 yards.

Just consider how terrible their overall performance would were in the event that they hadn’t spent so much time ‘camping’.

2) When History Repeats. Why have been the national information media so skeptical while the Packers hired Mike McCarthy as head instruct? Seemed like a no brainer. He was Offensive Coordinator for the 49ers, he’s a bit pudgy, and his call is Mike. That’s one of the maximum a hit business fashions the Pack has ever had in a teach. In truth, even though all he had going for him became his first name, history suggests he’s in all likelihood to win approximately 63% of the video UFABET games he coaches, nicely above the all time Green Bay Packer crew average of fifty six%. Just to be on the secure facet, the Packers Executive Committee did an intensive history check on McCarthy to make certain “Mike” wasn’t only a nickname, and his real first name changed into Lindy, Forrest, Lisle, Gene or heaven forbid, “Scooter.” Ideally, he’d be named Michael Vincent McCarthy as opposed to Michael John McCarthy, however you can’t have the entirety.

3) The Siberia Factor. How frequently has it been stated that the Packers are about to return to being the “Siberia” of the NFL, the bleak, dark area no definitely good players, specifically unfastened marketers, want to play. This nearly seems like one of those nonsensical “Urban Legends.” People posting those dire warnings generally carry up the bloodless weather in Green Bay, and the small city ecosystem, as being predominant turn-offs for latest younger pro soccer gamers. But they by no means appear to give you any evidence that the gamers themselves experience this manner. If climate were any aspect in any respect, then Arizona, Miami and San Diego might subject consistently triumphing teams. But they don’t.

As a long way as small town environment, you can not discount the impact of being a friendly, welcoming location to live. As Bob Harlan has stated, it’s the warmest cold town within the country. And here’s what first spherical draft preference Justin Harrell said approximately Green Bay: “Just using through the neighborhoods, it appears lots like domestic and it is an area I recognize I’ll be capable of get settled in and have an excellent time.”

There become a conventional tale from the 1930’s about Packer players saying how fortunate they were to stay and paintings in Green Bay, in which there are such a lot of exceptional outside sports to revel in–looking, fishing, etc., in assessment to being caught playing in New York in which there was nothin’ to do. But it’s honest to mention that gamers in those days were not paid quite enough money to enjoy all the diversions and delights to be had inside the Big Apple.

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