I volunteer at Camp Med, a certified day care program sponsored by using the City of South Pasadena, facilitating their sports hour. During the summer approximately 80 children from the a long time of five-eleven take part.

In phrases of my heritage, I have had the privilege to work at the Olympics every years and different wearing occasions and were the recipient of souvenirs and sponsorship memorabilia.

Two years ago, on the give up of summer time camp, I felt compelled to offer out an award. In the front of the opposite campers I study a speech and gave an Athens Olympics watch to our:

Honor Camper

Your thoughtfulness and being concerned are plenty preferred. The type words you have

spoken in your fellow campers and to the counselors have not gone not noted. Your effort and properly sportsmanship have been Olympian. To honor you, Camp Med would really like to offer you a special watch that celebrates the Olympics and call you our Honor


This created quite a few pleasure among the kids, a lot in order that the following summer, they saved asking me if I became going to offer out any other watch. I did, as well as 8 different awards. I also gave out prizes at random instances throughout the summer. This is what I discovered in the course of the process.


Growing up as a child, half of of the awards I received have been of a everyday nature. These awards had little which means to me, despite the fact that a number of them had been huge, marble trophies. The maximum thrilling award I obtained turned into a touch blue ribbon in second grade that said “Most Improved.” I liked the award because it became actual and authentic.

One of the greater private awards of the summer season went to a boy whose math group won the nearby, then state, then western states and then countrywide competition and has a splendidly impartial Mr. Spock-like persona:

The Pythagoras Award

Pythagoras became a terrific math genius of ancient Greece. He believed that numbers were the closing truth. Pythagoras became additionally regarded to be a eager observer, an excellent pal to many and very wise.

Camp Med has had the extraordinary fortune of getting a Pythagorean in our midst and we honor you now.

He obtained a bust of Pythagoras.


I usually provide the kid a duplicate of the speech as a reminder of what become stated and as some thing they could show their parents. The speeches normally are quick, the kids are keen to look what the award is (the award is continually wrapped or protected) and discover who gets it. So, in a few words, try to talk an essence:

Goodness Award

I diagnosed your goodness from day one. It is usually a satisfaction to have you here with us at Camp Med.

The kids also like awards that sound cool. This one were given their interest:

Ninja Soccer Girl

You are like a Ninja on the sector, quiet, graceful, enormously green and determined. It is a joy to peer you on the field with a soccer ball.

I desired to signify to this modest boy that he’s fully succesful NOW of doing special things at the soccer discipline:

Soccer King

You have progressed regularly for the duration of the summer season, but what has honestly inspired me is your heart. You are inclined to play on a good deal smaller teams against an navy of children.

There is an element of poetry about your เกมคาสิโน game. You understand while to pass, wherein to put your self, whilst to boost up, a way to curve the ball and how to lead on the field.


During the summer, my spouse and I wiped clean out our garage. She determined a pretty pin with little jewels on it. She no longer desired it, but I noticed an possibility, one in all our first-rate football gamers at camp changed into additionally a very fashionable dresser.

Camp Med Soccer Girl

There turned into an afternoon inside the middle of the summer time when you had pretty much an ideal sport. You have been in a quarter. Defensively, you took the ball faraway from absolutely everyone who got here your manner and then booted the ball up field or made an brilliant pass. You did this for 45 minutes straight. It changed into so exciting to observe.

I had labored on the 1994 World Cup and had received a constrained edition silk headband celebrating the event. Where does one find a glad domestic for such an item?

Most Improved Girl Award

This summer season, you not simplest started out taking shots at the aim, you commenced scoring goals.

It has been a delight to get to recognise you higher. You deliver a radiance and stylish presence to Camp Med.

I don’t forget this younger girl very gracefully taking the big headscarf out of its little field and later peacefully and meticulously folding it up again. In the being concerned way she treated the headband, I ought to tell that she liked it.

As I positioned my intention that summer time on giving out awards, I discovered that there was an interesting dynamic at work. In the case of the soccer lady, I knew I desired to present her an award and then the award confirmed up. In the case of the scarf, the award showed up and then the right recipient changed into found out. This intuitive manner went on all through the summer season. As each new revelation got here ahead, it felt like I became cracking a code. I by no means notion there would be 9 awards, maybe three tops. Strangely, it regarded like I wasn’t in fee, I simply listened, cooperated and went with the flow.


During one fit, the rubber tip of a plastic hockey stick broke. At the stop of the game, I introduced that the MVP of the sport would acquire the rubber tip. This just cracked the youngsters up and all of them wanted to get hold of it. There become the excitement of pleasure inside the air. The youngsters taught me that prizes will be silly as properly.


Meanwhile at home, we also went via our Christmas ornaments that filled our garage. I notion, properly, if the youngsters desired the rubber tip of a hockey stick, they could likely like some Christmas items and announced that for one week (at the same time as it become ninety plus tiers in Southern California) that it would be Christmas in July and I might be awarding Christmas items during the week. Each day, I could convey a brown bag with a Christmas item inner and the kids could not watch for the award ceremony to see what changed into inner.

During the week, a young boy got here as much as me and stated that he desired a prize. I asked him what he wanted and he stated without hesitation, “I want a Santa.” All the children desired a prize, but with this boy, there has been an additional need for acknowledgment.

The following day, I got here with my brown bag. He speedy got here up to me and requested if that was his Santa, he was so keen and excited. At the cease of sports activities hour, I gave the brown bag to him and informed him he became receiving this prize for being very sweet inner. He opened it up and took out the Santa. The kids cheered and clapped for him. He simply stood there in awe together with his Santa, prone, extensive-eyed, taking in all of the assist. Later he instructed me dearly that he felt, “a little embarrassed.” It was one of the maximum stunning moments of the summer.

It’s an instance of the way through taking a superb movement step (offering Christmas in July), an opening from time to time magically takes place for some thing even greater to come back forward.


Not absolutely everyone has an overflowing storage. There is a amazing, unfastened organization known as freecycle which is devoted to decreasing landfill waste. Members basically play supply and take, soliciting for what they need and posting what they should deliver away. You can ship an e-mail to the organization asking for what you need, as an example: old trophies and jewellery, children’s toys in desirable circumstance, etc. You’ll possibly get hold of some very thrilling objects, all for free of charge.


A watch seems to be a great award. They may be modern-day, colorful and amusing. It’s sensible. You can take it to high school. It’s with you all day. It feels special. Kids love them. This became the speech for this yr’s watch recipient:

The MVS Award for Most Valuable Support

After just a few days of Summer Camp, I knew, via your supportive movements, that you were destined for an award. It became out that what I observed for you, but, turned into absolutely sold out in Southern California and Oregon and Minnesota. I eventually observed a shop in Chicago, Illinois that had one final one.

You have helped me so, a lot. I appreciate you greatly, phrases can’t even say.

This award goes to the one who has been my proper hand and has been notable and supportive during Summer Camp.

This November, Sixty Minutes did a chunk on Millennial Kids whose childhoods they said are “full of trophies and adulation”. The paradigm represented here is completely the alternative: heartfelt popularity and thanks to youngsters who, through their very presence, supply a lot more than they receive.


As a toddler, I use to surprise, “Am I of really worth?” “Who am I?” “What am I properly at?” In a effective manner, sure awards gave me some solutions. The answers have been very clear (I am precise at swimming, for example), however on a deeper stage, the gadgets have been regular reminders that I changed into proper. An award can cross an extended way in helping the self-esteem of a infant.

As an grownup, I observed the technique of being the award giver a powerful, multi-dimensional manner to connect to a young character. It can be accomplished thru humor, drama or warm temperature. It’s a completely authentic and direct way of saying, “I fee you.”

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